The Real Troopers is a collective set up by Tilly, who has been a military child for the past twenty one years. After noticing a lack of support for military children readily accessible to children, she set up The Real Troopers to share stories and experiences of growing up as a military child to give reassurance and support to those who find parts of the military lifestyle challenging. 



The Real Troopers is designed to provide a source of comfort to young children who have a parent(s) serving in the UK Armed Forces, by reading stories and advice from those that have been through it all before. 


We want to create a link between us, charities and organisations so it's easier for children to get in touch with those that can provide them with correct help. 

With On the Move, a book created especially for military children, we've created a go to guide where they can seek all relevant information and advice to help them through their journey.