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So I am Megan, I am currently studying to become a personal trainer. I am twenty now, but from the day I was born till the age of seventeen, my life consisted of moving every two years, to six different schools and making and leaving friends more often than I’d like to.

My dad was in the army for twenty six years before he decided to leave, but luckily he had my mum right by his side pretty much from day one. 

When I was around nine, my dad ended up getting posted to Germany, we lived there for seven years and up until year nine/ten I loved it entirely, it was like a long exciting holiday filled with new adventures every weekend. However, as I got older and my emotions and understanding of life developed more, I started missing home (Scotland, where all of my family are from and live) a lot! 


Now don’t get me wrong, I did get to see my family in Scotland, we visited at least once a year but me and my brother missed out on a lot of family gatherings, parties and events. So as I got older I found myself shy around aunties and uncles, I felt left out around cousins and it was a lot to process because all I wanted was to feel like part of my family, which for a long time I didn’t.

When we eventually moved back to the UK in 2016, we moved to a place called Aldershot for about two years and then finally after that we moved back to Scotland and settled here in 2018.

When I first moved back to Scotland I struggled. I was no longer in school, and college just wasn’t for me, so I went straight to working in a place called Halfords. At this point, I  felt angry, upset and isolated because even though I had my family literally at my doorstep, I felt as though I was never going to fit in with them the way that they all did with each-other (and I don’t just mean because I am the only one with an English accent in my Scottish family)  but that is all resolved and in the past. 

Now that I have been able to build relationships with my family properly and see them pretty much whenever I want, it has made me realise how fortunate I was and am to have experienced growing up in Germany the way that I did. And if I am honest, I really feel for the people that didn’t and won’t get to experience Germany the way me, my family and friends did. It was incredible and we were pretty much one of the last bunches to experience it in a way that no one ever will get to again. 

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Being a military child was and is tough stuff. There are tears, there are arguments, there is stress but when you finally get to settle and/or start your own life and do what you truly want to do, you realise how lucky you are to have been brought up with that lifestyle. 

I have bonds with people that will never be broken. I have memories that no one else does that will forever make me smile, and overall my experience as a military brat has made me a strong, outgoing and confident person who’s not afraid to be out of her comfort zone.

And do you want to know what’s ironic? Despite the hate I had for living in Germany for and my first few years back in the UK I must say to my parents at least once a week that I would go back to Germany in a heartbeat.

Germany is my home. 

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